After feeling guilty about asking my photographer friend Michael Bühler-Rose for a few prints, I offered to do a logo for him. Here’s the direction he gave me: "Basically, my thinking is that it’s like a monogram for some awesome nouveau riche guy from the 70s who wears silk bathrobes and underwear around the house and lost all of his fortune (which he built through a series of successful mob controlled Reno hotel chains) in the 80s through a mixture of tax evasion, statutory rape charges, and raging addiction to qualudes, but still has all of his stationary on which he he writes letters to the editor of the New Yorker complainging about articles each week up until this very day. That should probably clarify it." Surprisingly, it did.


In addition to researching embroidered leisure wear of well-attired crime syndicate figures, I dug up some turn-of-the-century American engraving; it has a flavor that is distinctly different from the continental variety. The more illustrative and ornate sketches were ruled out in favor of a simpler approach, in order that it might translate more successfully to various applications — not excluding bathrobes.