Ligaduras logo

Each May, Catalana de Tipos organizes weekly presentations for the Barcelona design community. In 2007 BauerTypes sponsored my participation and, as a contribution to the event, I designed a logo for the lecture series.


My initial sketches drew from the blackletter of Spain’s rich printing tradition. However, after failing to resolve the disproportionately horizontal nature of my early logos, I finally opted for a calligraphic approach.


Spain produced some of the most charming and dexterous calligraphic pen-work between the 16th and 18th centuries. Despite being heavily influenced by Italian scribal hands of the late 1400s, the vigorous work of Spain’s penman was uniquely, well, Spanish.

Ligaduras outline

As part of my presentation, I chronicled my research and charted the creation of the Ligaduras 2007 logo in a small eponymous booklet. With text in both Catalan and English, It includes information on Spanish type and lettering history as well as my personal perspective on related cultural phenomena. Guaranteed to cure insomnia.

Ligaduras book