Ever since discovering the work of Akke Kumlien (1884–1949) and Erik Lindegren (1918–1996), I’d been looking for the perfect opportunity to draw what the two Swedish calligraphers commonly referred to as a spegelmonogram. I finally got my chance when I designed this JK mark as a wedding gift for two friends (and former students, no less) who recently walked down the aisle together.

The basics of “mirrored” monograms are outlined in Kumlien’s biography, edited by book designed Bror Zachrisson. (Unfortunately for me, the text is in Swedish.) Although an uncompromising symmetry appears to be the norm, examples can be seen in Lindegren’s work Våra Bokstäver that loosely riff on the idea. Another common feature of the mirrored mark is its interwoven strokes, an effect that’s achieved by alternating breaks in the overlapping strokes. In my design, the letterforms also create a subtle heart-like shape as an added touch.

Congratulations Justin and Karen!