In February 2011, Jessica Hische invited a bunch of guest letterers to contribute to Daily Drop Cap. Considering that I’ve got a dozen sketchbooks full of drawings that have never seen that light of day, I figured that I might as well make something that folks might actually see. Besides, after hearing about the roster of talented artists already on board, I knew I’d be in good company.

I followed Jessica’s model and decided to try to limit myself to one hour, start to finish, on my submission. Within 45 minutes or so I had a few pages worth of potential directions, from which I selected one sketch to digitize. This was no small feat for me, mind you, considering that I’m not used to working under such self-imposed restrictions. Since the project afforded me the opportunity to do something I might not otherwise have the chance to do, I decided to go with a blackletter B.

Blackletter has a bit historical and stylistic baggage that it hasn’t quite shaken, so my idea was to loosen it up a bit by focusing on soft, almost brush-like contours. The end result prompted illustrator Ty Wilkins to comment, “Who knew that blackletter could be so friendly?” Ja wohl.