Oslo, Norway | April 2–3, 2008

When the folks at Grafill invited a House representative to lecture at DogA, The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, I decided to grow a beard and brave the unforgiving Nordic tundra. (Incidentally, turns out it wasn’t all that frigid or forbidding after all). Figuring that it would be awhile until I was in the vicinity of the Arctic circle again, I suggested that I conduct a workshop on monograms during my visit. Participants investigated various types of monograms (typographically representational, symbolic, illustrative and abstract, among others) while putting pencil to paper in a series of exercises geared at highlighting the flexibility and utility of alphabetic marks. The back catalogs of a-ha and TNT provided an inspirational soundtrack to our evening.

The following day, I gave an impromptu presentation to grad students at AHO, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo). Who knew Norway’s future engineers would find the minutiae of drawing letters so enthralling. Tusen takk!