Type and Lettering Pencil Case
After growing tired of improvising a slew of ad hoc solutions for organizing my growing array of lettering tools, I finally broke down and designed my own T&L pencil case. Each custom-printed 5” x 10” nylon-zippered wallet is lovingly handmade in the good ol’ US of A. Constructed of sturdy 10 oz. steel-gray cotton canvas, it also features a stylish T&L logo twill tag sewn into the seam.

With the holiday season right around the corner, this convenient storage bag is perfect for type geeks, or any organizationally-challanged person on your gift-giving list. I’ll even throw in an official Type and Lettering pencil to help get you started. Or, if you you burn through graphite as quickly as I do, grab a dozen. Don’t delay, pick up your T&L pencil case today!

Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012