Rick Griffin
I have to admit that I am embarrassed for failing to recall the hand of Rick Griffin behind the original Rolling Stone lettering. The ‘T’ and ‘E’ should have been enough to jar my memory. Here I’ve compared the magazine’s nameplate to a handbill that Griffin created in 1967, the same year Jann Wenner launched his publication. Thanks to Type and Lettering Finnish correspondents Leka and Kaisa for filling me in. They were also kind enough to include this quote from the book Rick Griffin, published 1980 by Paper Tiger: “Ironically enough, this world-famous masthead was taken from a sketch that Rick did in just a few minutes to give the magazine owners an idea of what he could do. They reproduced that sketch and used it until 1976, at which time Griffin redesigned the masthead and established a working relationship with the magazine.”

Posted Friday April 10, 2009