LK Monogram
Since being married, I’ve made it a habit to letter something for my wife when our anniversary rolls around each year. It’s no secret that I also use the occasion as a selfish excuse to do something that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to draw.

Lately I’ve been admiring the elegant work of Reynolds Stone, a British engraver and designer who worked during the middle part of the last century. I am particularly impressed by his modest yet masterfully-lettered book labels. Spending time with his work has certainly given me a greater appreciation for the depth —and breadth— of his abilities.

Posted Wednesday September 3, 2014

Vive La Tote
When your personal library is as out of hand as mine, you never seem to have enough bags to lug around your lettering and typography treasures. So, after penciling some custom roundhand for a recent Print for Good poster, I got the idea to have the lettering printed on the side of a handy tote. The fellas at Awesome Dudes Printing in Philly painstakingly plastered my Vive La Plume penmanship in pliable white plastisol ink on black 6 oz. 100% cotton fabric. The 14.5″ W × 15.5″ H carryall is lightweight yet sturdy with 22-inch long straps. Head on over to the T&L Store to grab one of these limited edition hand-printed totes.

Posted Monday June 9, 2014

Brush Lettering Workshop
There are still a few spots left for my two-day weekend Brush Lettering workshop at Cooper Union on June 28–29. Register now before it fills up.

Head on over to Dribbble for a little more info on the above promotional pencil lettering, and to check out a larger image.

Posted Monday June 2, 2014

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